Barry Forshaw Photography is on Twitter!

This isn't breaking news, I've been using Twitter for Barry Forshaw Photography since the start of the year. In fact I use it so much that I now have almost 1000 followers (984 at the time of writing this).

This photograph will make sense later...

This photograph will make sense later...

Although there is no real material benefit to reaching 1000 followers it feels like a significant milestone so I thought I'd put the word out on my blog. If you use Twitter but don't follow me, please look up


and help me reach my goal.

Oh, and if you're wondering about that odd Twitter name, it came about through my own stupidity. I wanted to register @BarryForshawPhoto which makes a lot more sense but it was too long so Twitter automagically shortened it to @BarryForshawPho but didn't warn me. I went on to set the rest of the account up which of course includes a name field with the full name that appears at the top of your Twitter page. I only noticed the shortened name once I had been using Twitter for several months and had hundreds of followers. I didn't want to have to start again from scratch so I kept the shortened name. 

According to Wikipedia Pho is a vietnamese noodle soup. I'm sure it's very tasty but it doesn't really have anything to do with photography. So far no-one has confused the two but I'm sure it's only a matter of time...

Image from Alpha on Flickr used with Creative Commons licence