This is the first of an irregular series looking at one of my favourite photographs. I plan to talk a little bit about each image, why I love it and perhaps look at the technicalities behind the image.

Here is my first photograph.

Bob & Norma Wedding

Camera:  Canon 550D
Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II
Focal Length:  50mm
ISO: 100
Exposure:  1/60

The number one reason I love this photograph is because it is of my Dad, Bob, and my step-mam Norma! They knew I was a keen amateur photographer and asked me to photograph their wedding. I had never considered wedding photography before and only said yes after some careful consideration. It is a big responsibility.

This photograph was taken just after the ceremony and my confidence rose considerably after I captured it. I began to feel like I could do their wedding justice, despite not being a professional photographer at the time.

The bridal car was an American cop car and the driver was dressed in the appropriate uniform, complete with handcuffs. I got him to arrest the bride and groom and slap the cuffs on them.

I like the vibrant colours of Norma's outfit, Dad's tie and his flower. It contrasts well with the neutral grey of his suit and muted background colours. I also love the emotion. It's as if they are posing for a 'straight' photograph, and the groom has spotted me off to one side so he starts screaming as he's just realised he is trapped. The fact that his wedding ring is so prominent reinforces still further the idea behind the image.

The final reason I love this photograph is that it is unique to their wedding. I can almost guarantee that I will never capture a moment like this as long as I am a photographer.

What do you think of this image?