Lenses for Hire review

When I photographed Lynne & James' wedding in February at Redworth Hall I had already scouted out the location and discovered that the ceremony room was quite dark, despite the high ceilings. I took some test shots and decided I needed faster lenses than I already owned. I decided to hire lenses from Lenses For Hire for the wedding. 

After considering all of the options on their website, and there are a lot of options, I plumped for a Canon 24-70L 2.8 mkii and a Canon 70-200 2.8 mkii. I decided on a 3 day hire period, ostensibly from the Friday to the Sunday, with the wedding taking place on the Saturday. The charge was £69 for each lens but they had a special offer on, probably due to the quiet time of year, where all lenses were half price so I actually paid around £35 each. Bargain!

On top of that I paid £28 for courier delivery and collection. I could have saved some money here by posting the lenses back myself, but I wanted the convenience of having them collected from my door.

In total then I paid £97 for the lenses. 

The whole ordering process was quick and painless. I completed my details online and then received regular e-mails telling me when my payment had been taken and when the lenses had been dispatched. 

Lenses For Hire used DPD couriers, and they had my telephone number so they sent me a text at 8:00am on the Thursday morning with a one hour delivery window. The lenses arrived at lunchtime on the Thursday so I had an extra afternoon with them for free.

Lenses for Hire review - A test shot taken with the Canon 24-70L 2.8ii USM

I had heard some horror stories about how hired lenses are treated so I calibrated both lens to my 5DMKii but found that no micro-adjustments were required. Both lens were pin sharp straight out of the box.

I took my niece and nephew out to the park on the Friday to give the lenses a good run out, and to ensure I knew how to use them. They performed superbly and I knew they would be fine for the wedding.

On the wedding day they performed perfectly, just as I had hoped.

Lenses for Hire review - A shot from the wedding again with the Canon 24-70L 2.8ii USM

I had planned to take the lenses out again on the Sunday to get more shots out of them but I was so shattered after a 12+ hour wedding day that I didn't leave the house.

Lenses For Hire asked me to contact the courier direct to arrange the collection, which I did with an account number so the courier knew I didn't have to pay. Again this worked like a dream with the lenses collected in the specified window. In theory I could have taken the lenses out on Monday morning to get my money's worth out of them, but by then I was beginning to edit the shots from the wedding.

I got a further e-mail from Lenses for Hire a few days later confirming that the lenses had arrived safely and were in good condition. 

The entire process from start to finish was completely painless, the lenses were faultless and I thought that the price was reasonable considering the convenience and the length of time I actually had them. I'd have no hesitation in using Lenses for Hire again or recommending them to a friend.