Website refresh - a new look for Barry Forshaw Photography

Barry Forshaw photography only came into being in January this year, and I have already overhauled my website! You will have seen the results already. What do you think?

I used Squarespace to build my website as they have customisable templates that are easy to use. I learned to code using HTML as part of my Media Production degree and while I enjoy it, it can be a timesink and it isn't my main passion. Less time spent on the technical, behind the scenes website stuff means more time taking photographs.

The first iteration of this site was intentionally quite plain and conservative, ideal to get the website going and get some content up. I thought it was a little old fashioned and bland, though, and I always knew I would refresh the look when I had the time.

I am planning on attending some wedding fairs here in the North East over the coming months, so I thought that time to update the site was now. I wanted a more modern look with large images bleeding off the page. The process of swapping templates was relatively painless and has taken about a day in total. The website is far from complete. I'm planning to add lots more to it over time, especially a proper client area where I can host all of the images from weddings and other events and allow people to order prints directly. I'm going to use Smugmug for this. 

Behind the scenes, I am also working hard to define my photography and I am refining my shooting techniques and post processing techniques. I am planning to invest in a couple of new lenses and I hope that all of this: the website, the wedding fairs, developing my photography style and my gear, will lay the the foundations of of a successful photography business.

I can't wait for the rest of the year. Bring it on!