An Epic Northumberland Wedding with Sarah & Bry at Ellingham Hall

Sarah and Bry's wedding at Ellingham Hall was EPIC!

It was my first time photographing a wedding at this Northumberland wedding venue and I was suitably impressed. In fact, I liked it so much I reviewed it in a previous blog post.

I'd kept in touch with Sarah and Bry throughout the year, with several meetings and a pre-wedding engagement shoot, and as a result we knew exactly what we wanted from the day. The whole plan worked like clockwork.

The wedding ceremony took place at St Maurice's Church, which is a short walk from Ellingham Hall. Since we had the time, I could ride along in the car with Sarah and her father.

There is a small avenue of fir trees directly outside the church, so straight after the ceremony we took a couple of minutes to get some photographs there. The sun was blaring overhead by this stage of the day, but I love using lighting conditions like this for creative effect. I used a wide lens to emphasise the size of the firs and shot directly into the sun without a lens hood to let the light bounce around the elements and give the photos a unique character. Click on the individual photographs for the full effect.

Sarah and Bry were so fortunate to have good weather, and it meant we could take the group photographs outside. It meant the light was good and we could get some of that autumn foliage in the background. I then stole the bride and groom away for a while to get some portraits inside the Hall while their guests relaxed outside.

After the speeches, as the sun went down we moved outside for some more portraits around the grounds of Ellingham Hall. We didn't have to go far to get a good range of photos.

The evening reception was awesome, with loads of guests dancing the night away, led by Sarah and Bry. I got in amongst the action to try and capture the excitement.

As I left, I set up my tripod and captured a long exposure photograph of the hall with the stars in the night sky. I had time to reflect on the day. It was awesome, and epic, and if every wedding was like this I would be very happy indeed. Here's hoping that I'll have more like this in 2016.

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