Behind the scenes at Barry Forshaw Wedding Photography

How on earth did it get to November? It won't be long till Christmas!

I haven't blogged as often as I would like as I have been so busy lately, so this is the my first attempt at getting things up to date.

A long exposure shot of Ellingham Hall from a September wedding

September was my busiest month of 2015 with four weddings, and I have only just finished editing those and designing the wedding albums that go with them. I have just one more wedding booked for this year, at the Grand Hotel Tynemouth. That will mark the end of my first full year in business (I launched my photography business in January 2014 but I lost most of the summer to back surgery).

I am using my time now to reflect on what went well for me in 2015 and what didn't go so well, and then I will be making changes to my business accordingly.

Amongst other things I have been pondering my workflows, camera gear, my website, software, my pricing plans and a myriad of other behind the scenes changes. I have already made one change already, and that is something I wanted to talk about today: broadband.

People often complain about the cost of professional wedding photography, but they may not be aware of the cost of running a photography business. Broadband is a case in point.

I rely on my broadband connection to keep updating my website, to receive e-mails and to communicate with potential clients through social media. All of that accounts for just a fraction of my data, though. I use the majority of my data uploading photographs to my client galleries on my website and backing up my photographs to the cloud.

I currently have over 4,000 photographs in my online galleries amounting to around 40gb of data and I had to upload all of that through my Sky broadband, through copper cables. Those four weddings in September destroyed my home internet - one wedding alone took almost 30 hours to upload! While that was happening the rest of the internet slowed down to a crawl and it was virtually impossible to do anything else!

I needed a new solution and Virgin Optical Fibre was it. I have just had this installed over the weekend and the results so far have been superb. With Sky my typical download speed was around 9mbps and my upload speed was 1mbps. I now have a 105mbps download speed and 6 mbps upload speed. I haven't had a chance to test things with a real wedding yet, but this should significantly speed up my workflow with minimal disruption for the family. I have gone with the 100meg package at the moment but I can upgrade to 200meg if I need to later.

Of course, this super fast broadband isn't cheap, nor is my website or my image gallery hosts, so I better get some more weddings booked for 2016!