Engagement shoot scouting at Chopwell Woods

I had two engagement shoots planned for Chopwell Woods today but because of the weather, and one of my couples having a poorly child, they had to be postponed. I decided to head off into the woods anyway, to see if I could find any more interesting locations, and to see if I could find any dramatic light.

I took a smoke bomb with me to test out. I didn't take a tripod with me as I had wanted to use it with the couples, so in order to take a 'selfie' I had to rest my camera on a tree stump, set it on timer and then rush into position. Once the picture was taken I had to run back to the camera to click the shutter again. I kept doing this for about a minute until the smoke bomb went out.

I was pleased with how the bomb performed, but it was a little bit too windy to get the best results. Still, despite the fact I didn't get the dense billowing clouds of smoke I was aiming for, I liked the way the smoke dissipated into the air and how this look translated to the photos.

I can't wait to try these out with my couples on a real engagement shoot!