Recommended Wedding and Photography Podcasts

I almost choked on my Hobnob yesterday when I was listening to one of my favourite photography podcasts and heard my own name mentioned. The podcast was PhotoBiz Xposed, hosted by Andrew Hellmich. I am mentioned in episode 141, which is an interview with Joåo de Madeiros, a Portugese documentary wedding photographer. 

Wedding Photography Podcasts

Sadly it wasn't my photography that was mentioned. I left a review of Andrew's podcast on iTunes and Andrew thanked me for my feedback. Here's what I said:

I’m a voracious podcast listener, and of all the podcasts I listen to, Photobiz Xposed is the one I look forward to most every week.

Andrew is a superb host. He gets right to the point and drills down to the nitty-gritty, finding out specific information for his listeners, all with a great, conversational tone.

The range of guests is excellent – from seasoned industry pros to relatively new photographers.

The extras for the paid version are well worth it.

It’s the sort of podcast that you can listen to multiple times, and I often do, with pen and paper to hand and a list of new practices to implement.

Long may it continue!
— Barry Forshaw - Newcastle Wedding Photographer

In the show Andrew asked if I could supply a list of the podcasts I listen to, which I did in the comments below the episode. I thought that it would be worth listing them here too, in case any other photographers are reading this. I suspect it won't be of much interest to couples looking to book their wedding photographer, so you have been warned!

From a business perspective The Sprouting Photographer is pretty good - it's mostly from an American/Canadian perspective which may be a positive or negative depending upon your point of view! Most of the business advice is transferable across different markets, I think.

I know that Way Up North got a bit of a kicking in the Photobiz podcast, but Nordica did a series of podcasts with their speakers on the run-up to the conference and they were excellent. They didn't focus on gear or business really, it was more about the deeper motivations of the photographers which was refreshing.

Phototypes is a great British based podcast with short interviews with working photographers, some famous, some not so famous.

I used to love TWIP but I have gone off it in the past year or two. That might be because they have started a load of genre specific podcasts - I occasionally listen to Street Focus with Valerie Jardin, the Candid Frame and TWIP weddings.

I have started listening to the WeShootFuji podcast in preparation for switching systems and Marco Larousse is one of my favourite street photographers at the moment.

Finally, I'm still hopeful that Michael Rammell will start up his podcast again - Ready Steady Pro.

So that's my round-up of wedding photography podcasts I listen to. If you love a podcast I haven't mentioned here, please let me know in the comments and I'll check it out!