A sunset pre-wedding shoot at Seaham beach with Tanya & Craig

Tanya and Craig's engagement photo session at Seaham Beach was great fun!

I've been shooting a lot of engagement photo sessions lately and I've been pushing myself, and my couples, to use more interesting locations and to be more creative. These photos are a good example of me getting out of my comfort zone.

We shot at sunset in order to give ourselves the best chance at getting interesting light. It also added some colour to the sky. For one shot I used a prism in front of the lens to get reflections of the pebbles on the beach into the shot. In the black and white landscape photo I used the prism to reflect the sky into the foreground get rid of boring details.

Speaking of black and white, I've tried a different editing style to convey a more moody atmosphere.

I'm not sure what elements I'll go on to use in my photography in the future but I'm having a lot of fun experimenting right now.

I can't wait for your wedding at Newton Hall next year Tanya and Craig!