Teeside Steelers women's American Football Team sports photography

On Saturday I took a break from my normal wedding photography to take some sports photography instead. I went along to see the Teeside Steelers women's American Football team in action. And action there was!

Here are just a few of the photographs I took on the day.

Teeside Steelers are coached by Bev Marwood, and while they gave me a very warm welcome on the day, they were brutal to their opponents on the pitch! These Women of Steel play full contact, full kit American Football, as I found out myself when I got a little too close to the sidelines and got wiped out in a ferocious tackle. I got the shot and saved my camera, which was the main thing, because the bruises will heal!

The Steelers are always on the lookout for new players, so if you'd like to contribute, or just go along to watch, here are their contact details:

Twitter: @teessteelers
Instagram: teessidesteelers
Facebook:  /teessidesteelers