An intimate wedding on Newcastle Quayside with Katy-Rose & Chris

My wedding photography was bought as a present for Katy-Rose and Chris by Amanda, Chris' sister. I'm so glad that she found me, because this was a fantastic wedding from start to finish.

I met Katy-Rose for our pre-wedding consultation at a coffee shop in Newcastle city centre but it was closing just as we arrived, so we had to relocate to Quillam Brothers, a trendy tea shop nearby. We drank amaretto tea together while sitting on cushions on the floor, chatting about the wedding and the type of photography Katy-Rose and Chris were looking for. It foreshadowed the big day perfectly as it was informal, relaxed and pretty cool.

I met Chris on the steps of Gateshead Register Office on the day of the wedding and found him to be remarkably calm. That might have had something to do with his friends and family who were so warm, friendly and welcoming.

After a few candid shots I asked Chris for some portraits but he spotted Katy-Rose's wedding car over my shoulder so he had to run off and hide in the ceremony room. 

Literally the first click of my camera in Katy-Rose's direction is the shot in the car below and I knew at that moment that this wedding was going to be a little bit special.

After the ceremony, which was filled with laughter and a few tears, we headed over to the Malmaison, on the Newcastle side of the Quayside for the reception.

Katy-Rose, Chris and I braved the gathering wind and ominous grey clouds to take some portraits around the Millennium Bridge. Just in time, as the rain started shortly after.

The party moved inside for food and drinks and more guests arrived for the evening reception. I photographed the new guests, took some more candid shots and left just as the band began to play.  

As I made my way home I reflected on what made this wedding feel so good.

It wasn't the venue (although that was great), it wasn't the details or the dress (both were perfect), and it wasn't the weather (it could have been better, but it could have been a whole lot worse).

No, it was just that Katy-Rose and Chris were so obviously in love with each other, made for each other, and that that love shone through into every aspect of their wedding.

Thanks for allowing me to be a small part of your big day and I hope my photographs reflect even just a fraction of the emotions you experienced.

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