A laid back wedding in County Durham with Sarah & Adam

At the end of May I photographed Sarah and Adam's wedding in Durham. Have you ever heard of the the phrase 'four seasons in one day?' Well I experienced it during this wedding. The weather was crazy and unpredictable, with sunshine, rain, hail and rainbows, sometimes within an hour of each other. 

The wedding venue was the Register Office at Aykley Heads, Durham, which is painted a vibrant yellow. We had some clouds but a lot of bright midday sunlight before and after the ceremony.

Adam got more than he bargained for, with a kiss from the father of the bride as well as the bride herself!

After the ceremony we moved on to Hardwick Park for the group photos. I had selected a spot near the water, under some trees, partly to give us some shade from that harsh sunlight, but also to keep the rain off. We had planned to take some portraits of Sarah and Adam with their children but the rain started to get heavier and and the kids were getting cold so we had to leave for the reception venue.

The reception was held at Sedgefield Cricket Club. By now the rainclouds were moving in and the rain started. Over the next few hours it was alternately heavy rain or bright sunshine, with no happy medium.

I stayed just long enough for the guests to arrive for the evening reception and to catch the first dance. It almost didn't happen, but a last minute intervention from the best man kept things on track. 

So that's Sarah and Adam's wedding in Durham. I hope you're enjoying married life!

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