366 Project // A photo a day for 2016

I'm starting a 366 project for 2016. 

Many photographer's start these personal projects, and few finish them. I'm making it even tougher for myself by starting it in a leap year, so I have one extra photo to take!

The rules

  • All photos to be taken on my iPhone
  • All photos to be edited on my iPhone
  • Photos posted to Instagram, and then shared on Twitter and FB
  • One photo per day

Why start a 366 project?

The purpose of my 366 project is to force me to practice my photography every day. I believe that my photography 'eye' and 'brain' are muscles that need to be exercised often to work to their best effect.

I have a minimalist philosophy, and I want to get the most out of all the equipment I have. To that end I want to restrict myself to using an iPhone only. I think that creativity can grow out of limitations. Plus, I’ll always have the camera with me.

Putting it out to the public means that I more likely to stick to it. Peer pressure will force me to get off my backside and take photos. Also, I will have a permanent record at the end of the year.

I also hope to improve my visual story telling skills and to make myself more aware of the small stories that surround me every day; stories that I normally miss.

Despite all of the above, the main reason is because I think it’ll be fun!

I'll post a round-up here on my blog once or twice a month, but to follow my progress, head over to Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/barryforshawphoto/