The story of the wedding day - A full online wedding gallery

Since I updated my website a few weeks ago, I've been keen to add a link to a full wedding on it. I am happy to say that I now have a full wedding available to view on my website here. Sarah & Bry were an awesome couple and their wedding at Ellingham Hall, Northumberland, was a load of fun.

Bridal preparations at Ellingham Hall, Northumberland - the sort of intimate photograph that doesn't normally make it into wedding photographer's portfolios

I already have a portfolio page, and I often feature weddings in my blog posts, so why do I need to show a full wedding too?

I think it is important for potential new clients to be able to see the full story of a wedding day, before they book me as their wedding photographer. I deliver over 300 photographs to the couple on an average wedding day. It's relatively simple to pick my best 30 or so images and make a blog about it. It's even easier to add two or three of my very best photographs to my portfolio. Most photographers leave it at that. But it's doesn't show the whole story.

I want to show how I photograph the whole day, not just the highlights. To that end I have included all of the photographs from every part of the day, including the ones that typically don't make it onto wedding photographer's websites. That means you can view formal group shots, speeches, ceremony and detail shots, alongside the couples portraits and first dances that you typically see. Your wedding day isn't just about the big, 'hero' shots, it's also about the little moments captured with your friends and family that bring the feeling of the day back to you in years to come.

As well as showcasing my photography, sharing this gallery serves a few other purposes. It shows what my online galleries look like, and what you get after the wedding. If you click on the order button, it also shows you my pricing for prints and digital files.

I hope you like my full wedding. If you have any feedback, please let me know in the comments below.