Barry Forshaw Photography has been featured in Looks Like Film

Well, whaddaya know?

One of my photographs has been featured on Looks Like Film. It is the photo below, of the birth of my son George.

The birth of my son George

Looks Like Film is a website that celebrates digital photography that is processed in a way to make it look like film photography.

I found it through the VSCO Film Users Facebook Group which is, in my opinion, one of the best photography groups on Facebook. The standard of photography is so consistently high, it's a real inspiration. if a little intimidating to post there. There are over 38,000 members so unless your image is really special, it won't stand out from the crowd. Fortunately my photograph of George was popular amongst the users there and it was subsequently chosen to be featured by Looks Like Film.

I learned photography shooting rolls of film (yes - I am that old!), and when I got into digital photography I found that the files were too 'clean' for my liking compared to my old film prints and negatives. I would therefore look to add in grain and other imperfections to add some character to my photographs. Eventually I discovered VSCO and found that it could impart a film look to my clean digital files in a far better way than my clumsy post production attempts.

The photograph above was processed using Kodak Tri-X, which was one of my favourite analogue films (along with Ilford HP5).

Since I moved to Fuji, I am hoping that I will be able to use their in-camera film simulations to impart the look and character into my photographs directly, so that I don't have to spend time doing it myself in post production.

This post is therefore a bit of a farewell to Looks Like Film and VSCO, but I'll still drop by now and again to marvel at the simply stunning photographs submitted by their readers.