Wedding photography and the British weather

It started raining in north east England in the late 70's and it hasn't stopped.  

That's what it feels like anyway. 

This weekend I had to cancel a sunrise engagement photo shoot at the beach because the sky was featureless flat grey, the mist reduced visibility to less than 20 metres and there was so much moisture in the air I couldn't tell where the sky stopped and the sea started.  

I have a sunset engagement shoot in Whitby this weekend coming. The weather forecast between now and then is horrendous, with high winds and storms expected. 

You might think that I'm worried, but I'm actually excited. 

The British weather is so unpredictable that everything could change before the shoot. Even if it doesn't, the weather could add drama to the photographs. Imagine giant storm clouds over Whitby Abbey as the couple embrace. 

There is no sure thing when planning a photoshoot in the UK. All you can do is stack as much as you can in your favour; find adventurous couples to work with, scout locations in advance so you have alternatives on the day, schedule the shoot at the right time of year and the day to get the best light, and have the right gear to achieve results whatever the weather.

Here's a photo from Ellie & James' recent engagement soot. We went out at golden hour but the sun only broke through the clouds for moment. It was all we needed.

Ellie & James at golden hour in Saltwell Park, Gateshead, Newcastle

Ellie & James at golden hour in Saltwell Park, Gateshead, Newcastle