Unique and quirky wedding photography

I just completed an engagement (pre-wedding) photoshoot in Whitby last weekend. As it was in a place I'd never been before and it was a good two hour drive each way, I decided to stay overnight with my wife, Alicia.

It turned out that Whitby was obviously the place to be on a weekend in June and I had a devil of a job finding somewhere to stay. All I wanted was a cheap and cheerful B&B or hotel. There was nothing of the sort to be had. 

One place did stand out in my internet search, though, and that was La Rosa Hotel. The price was a little higher than I'd been aiming for, but the hotel was so unique I was willing to pay the extra. 

The hotel is furnished with vintage and antique finds from auctions, flea markets and car boots. Think Bram Stoker's Dracula meets Alice in Wonderland. 

There are rooms themed around Lewis Carroll, Bram Stoker, Sacra Coeur (where we stayed), the Wild West, and many more.

We really enjoyed our weekend at La Rosa and it taught me a lesson that I can carry into my photography business. 

I'd rather be unique and different, and appeal to a smaller group of wedding couples, who I get on with really well, than be bland and soulless in order to appeal to as many people as possible. The odds are that we won't have the same connection, and that the focus on the wedding photography will be for it to be as cheap as possible.

Anyway, words can't really do justice to La Rosa, so here are a selection of photographs of the hotel. If you enjoy the quirkiness of the place as much as I did, then you might just be my ideal client!