How to make the group photographs fun at a wedding

'Look at my penis,' Barry said.

Everyone burst out laughing.

I almost fell off the table I was standing on.

We were in the middle of making the group photographs, which can sometimes be the most stressful part of the day for both the wedding guests and the photographer. There is little artistic merit in them, but they are a good record of the day, and many guests, especially older relatives, love them. They have fallen out of favour with many photographers who prefer a more documentary approach to the wedding day, but most couples want a handful of posed group photos, and I for one am happy to oblige.

Earlier that morning, while nervously waiting for the bride to arrive, I'd told the groom a story about how another photographer, Fer Juaristi, makes couples laugh and puts them at their ease. He gets them into position and unexpectedly says 'Look at my penis.' The couple laugh, are shocked, or both, but it gets a reaction. Fer makes his photograph.

Barry's little joke instantly diffused any tension between guests and photographer and we had a little fun with the group shots, which made the day do that much smoother for everyone.

Here's Barry, showing off his ring to the assembled male guests.