Don't just slavishly follow tradition - Have your wedding YOUR way

I'm photographing Ellie and James' wedding today, so I've set this blog to automagically appear while I'm out.

I've been excited about this wedding since I met the couple and they told me their plans. The main reason is that they're arranging the wedding their way.

It's an outdoor wedding at Pot-A-Doodle-Do, which is a brave thing in itself here in the UK, where it's been raining since my sixth birthday. The wedding breakfast is a picnic where the guests bring all the food, and their flowers are made from the pages of old books.

If I've set this up right the party should be kicking off right about now, and I can't wait for the Disco Power Hour later!

Ellie and James have realised that your wedding day is not about doing things the way other people think you should, it's about having the wedding day that means the most to you. It's about putting your own ideas and values above those of tradition.

Ellie and James will be able to look back and say they did it their way, and I'm privileged to be photographing it for them.