Going the extra mile in my wedding photography

Their camera was stolen as they were unloading the car after the wedding. All of the photographs they had taken were lost, probably forever.

The family were guests at my most recent wedding and the bride and groom contacted me to ask if I could provide them with any photographs of their family that I had taken. It's times like these that I love being the boss of my own business, instead of the employee in a faceless organisation.

It might not make much immediate business sense to sift through a couple of thousand photos, pick out 60 or so, and then edit them specifically for the family; I have already been paid, this won't make me any more money, and my brief is to provide finished images to the bride and groom. Many of the photos I have supplied probably won't make the final selection for the couple.

As the head honcho at Barry Forshaw Photography I put myself in the shoes of the family, and the bride and groom, and immediately decided that I wanted to help. I don't just view each wedding as a source of income, I care deeply about the people involved. Two families invite you to photograph a deeply significant part of their lives, and I don't take that responsibility lightly.

I want to go that extra mile for my couples.

It's up to me to instil my values into my business, and I hope that the decisions I make now will attract lots of the right sort of couples in the future.

Here's one of the photos I delivered this morning.