Ellie & James wedding videography on the Northumberland Coast

It takes a lot of people working alongside each other to make a wedding happen. Make up artists, hair stylists, dress suppliers, cake makers, venue organisers, caterers, videographers, and countless other people, not to mention friends and family, all contribute to the perfect wedding day.

I'd never worked alongside a drone services company until Ellie and James' wedding in Northumberland. The Daedalus Group is based in the North East of England and specialises in aerial filming and photography. They used some of my photographs in the video they made and you can view it below.

I'm more than happy to share my photography with other wedding suppliers after the wedding, as long as I get a credit alongside the photographs. That's why the couple get an email from me with a short questionnaire before the wedding, asking who the other wedding suppliers are. Once the gallery is ready I can then liaise with them directly, without having the bride and groom act as go betweens when they should be relaxing after the wedding.