Best of Newcastle wedding photography 2017

It was a fascinating process to go through the hundreds of thousands of photographs I'd taken in 2017 to select my favourite 100 or so for this blog post. I'm a very forward looking person, always making plans for the future and excited for my next shoot, whether that is a farm wedding or hiking up a mountain on a couples shoot. I rarely look back over my shoulder to see how far I've come.

Writing this blog post made me do that and I wonder if I should do it a little more often. 

What are the best, or my favourite, photographs anyway? They can be ones that are technically great, ones that capture a moment perfectly, where the composition works well, or the light has a magical quality. Most of all they are the ones that capture a mood, a fleeting feeling.






The year started with a series of couples shoots where I really pushed myself and my couples creatively. I used vintage manual Russian lenses, smoke bombs and prisms. I experimented with new post processing techniques including double exposures. We ran into the freezing North Sea. We hiked up mountains in the rain. We explored deep into wild forests. 

My weddings were many and varied. I photographed weddings in the heart of the city and on farms and in barns. Big, formal weddings and small intimate weddings. Cold winter weddings and baking hot summer weddings. I kicked off 2017 with an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding and ended the year being locked on the roof of a hotel with my bride and groom.

I worked with loads of amazing and talented suppliers this year - wedding venues, florists, hair and makeup artists, cake makers, wedding dress designers, videographers. Your work inspired me to make the best of my work. Thank you.

And thank you to all of my adventurous and crazy couples in 2017. You and your families and friends welcomed me into your wedding day with all the love and warmth in the world and I'm incredibly grateful to have played a small part in your day. I hope that the pictures I made will last a lifetime. That your wedding photographs transport you back to your wedding day when you leaf through your wedding album. That you not only remember how it looked on the day, but remember how it felt.

So here's to 2017, a year where I really made great strides forward in growing my craft and as a person. I can't wait to see what 2018 brings. GET SOME!

There are almost 100 photos below, so if you can't be bothered with all of that scrolling check out my favourite wedding and couples photographs from 2017 in a slideshow

If you are planning your own wedding adventure and you've been inspired or moved by anything you've seen in this blog you can find out more about me (and you!) here. Or skip that step and go right ahead and check if I'm free on your date here.

I made great strides in several areas of my business this year, and one of the areas I made the biggest improvement was in editing my photos. Many people assume that your job is over when you go home from a wedding, but anyone in the industry knows that shooting is only 15% of the job, and the majority of your time is spent sitting in front of a computer editing your wedding photographs. If you'd like a little more insight into what goes into editing a wedding, and just how detailed and involved it can be, Shootdotedit have written a great article full of tips - How to edit wedding photos - Shootdotedits expert tips.