Wedding photography reviews

It’s been a long, learning journey becoming a wedding photographer. I’ve been full time for four years now, photographing weddings in Newcastle, Durham and Northumberland. As I’ve become more established and my reputation has grown I’ve photographed weddings in Yorkshire, the Lake District, Edinburgh and beyond.

I’ve never had a problem with the creative side of wedding photography. My why is very strong, and I have been into photography since before digital. I learned photography on film cameras (I’m still shooting personal projects on an Olympus OM1 film camera). I also write, draw, paint and practice other creative arts.

I enjoy the technical aspects of photography as well, and learning new techniques. I’m constantly experimenting with different locations, times of day, cameras and lenses, editing techniques, smoke bombs, prisms, on and off camera flashes, double exposures and loads more. Some experiments fail and others work and become part of my repertoire, but it all keeps me hungry and striving for the best for me and my clients.

Off camera flash and smoke bombs make for creative wedding portraits

Wedding photography is 15% taking photographs and 85% working on your business

The one aspect of wedding photography I wasn’t so good at was the business side. It turns out that this is a major problem, because contrary to what people might believe, the majority of a wedding photographer’s time is not spent taking photographs, it’s working on the business behind the scenes. A typical day involves editing, answering e-mails, writing blog posts, marketing via social media, prepping for wedding fairs, building Facebook ads, invoicing and a myriad other tasks that are required to run a business. I’d estimate that only 10-15% of my time is spent taking photographs with the rest going into running a business.

The problem is, that it is no good just having a strong drive to create original photographs, and strong technical skills to allow you to realise your vision, you have to ensure that your ideal clients see you work and know you exist so that they can pick you to photograph their wedding.

My attitude was that if my photographs were good enough, the work would come. The reality is that a mediocre photographer with a strong business sense will have a better functioning business than an amazing photographer with poor business sense.

And becoming better at business helps your creativity. You have more money to invest in training, gear and equipment. You have more time to experiment. You have more clients and more shoots to hone your skills. And you connect with more of your ideal clients who trust you and your creative vision.

Working with more creative and adventurous alternative wedding couples is my goal

Help me get noticed as a Newcastle wedding photographer

So rather than focus on just the creative side of photography, I have also invested time and energy into the business side of wedding photography in 2018. A big part of that has gone into getting my website noticed by Google, so that couples searching for a Newcastle wedding photographer find me.

And here’s where you can help.

One of the ways that Google knows that you are an authority in your field is if you have good reviews from previous clients. Unfortunately Google makes the process of giving a review a bit tricky. So I’ve shortened the process by creating a wedding photography review page on my website. You still need a Google account in order to leave a review, but the link I have set up prompts you to do that.

An honest review would help me and future clients so much, so please take 5 minutes out of your day.

Here’s the link: Write a review

And if you’d like to help out even more, you can also leave a review on Facebook - a copy and paste of your Google review would be fantastic!