A Kielder Water and Forest Park pre-wedding session with Zoe and Liam

Given the choice, I'd far rather make pre-wedding photographs at somewhere like Kielder Water & Forest Park than a local park. It just brings you nature on a grander scale. The views are bigger, the night sky brighter, the trees taller. It's the biggest man-made lake in Northern Europe and, at over 250 square miles, the largest working forest in England – all in the heart of Northumberland just an hour and a half drive from my front door.

Five minutes from the car park and it feels like you are a million miles away from civilisation. It helps that there is no phone signal here, never mind wifi. Admittedly, it does make it pretty tricky to co-ordinate engagement shoots with couples. If there is any confusion about where to meet - and there often is because there are two carparks called Hawkhope at Kielder - you have to go old school and drive around looking for each other or finding some high ground to spot people from a distance. This happened the first time round with Zoe and Liam and we failed to connect, so we had to reschedule once we got back home and could once again communicate. This kind of thing must have happened all the time pre 2000s but I'm too young to remember ;)

Zoe and Liam love the outdoors and can often be found trekking the moors above Robin Hood's Bay near Whitby. Indeed, they are getting married at Whitworth Hall, which is situated in a Country Park and has a Deer Park.

On the day of the couple session it was all blue skies and blue water on the edge of the forest, with the sun shining brightly. When it comes to photography blue is one of my least favourite colours. I think the harsh sun makes for a contrasty photo, so I chose to make the most of the conditions and convert most of the set to black and white.

The result is some timeless pre-wedding photos that could have been taken at any time in the past 50 years.

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