Sarah & Billy's pre-wedding session at Kielder Forest and Water Park

Kielder Forest and Water Park is one of my favourite places to photograph a pre-wedding session. The terrain is so varied, from dense forest to open water, and the light is totally different from one hour to the next, that I feel like I could go there every week for the next 10 years and still not exhaust it's possibilities. For couples that love the outdoors it's a dream and offers vistas that you just won't find in your local park. If you think that driving that extra hour there and back is worth it, then you are my kind of couple!

Sarah grew up in the North East while Billy grew up in Yorkshire. Sarah regularly took Billy home to explore - Tynemouth is Sarah's favourite place to go as the beach always relaxes her and sharing it with Billy even more so. It was one of the first places from her childhood that she shared with him. Sarah also loves Kielder forest as she went there a lot growing up, and as a Biology teacher she loves nature and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Billy's always been "outdoorsy" - he comes from a family of campers and rock climbers and Sarah loved being introduced to that, so neither of them had any problem getting wet or muddy or clambering up rocky outcrops.

As well as the elements Sarah and Billy had smoke bombs to contend with. I am always looking to push myself in terms of location, technique and equipment and this engagement session was no exception. Deep in the forest we set off an orange smoke bomb which contrasted well with the green trees.

In the end I preferred black and white versions of the photos, though. Check them out below and see which you like better.

Whether I'll incorporate smoke bombs into my photography in the future I'm not sure but it was fun to experiment - especially with a science teacher!

Thank you so much for this. We really had a lot of fun and are so pleased with how the photos turned out!
— Sarah :)

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