A fun and emotional wedding at the South Causey Inn with Rachael & Barry

I have never laughed so much at a wedding as I did on Rachael and Barry's big day at the South Causey Inn in Durham. 

As well as the laughter there were tears too, happy of course, and a surprise announcement (although I'll leave Rachael and Barry to tell people all about that). 

The South Causey Inn is a very popular wedding venue in County Durham. Rachael & Barry's wedding took place in the Durham Suite, and since this wedding, the venue has built the Old Barn, an entirely separate wedding venue on the same premises. I photographed Rachel & Lucy's wedding there which you can read about here.

What I like about the South Causey Inn is that it is an independent wedding venue, which means it can be a bit quirky and different. For example, there is a 1960's double decker red London bus in the grounds which guests can use as a room and includes a hot tub! Other evidence that it is run by real people rather than corporate drones is that several dogs roam the hotel and grounds. You can see their bulldog in one of the photos below.

Rachael and my namesake Barry were real characters and I had my work cut out keeping up with them on the day. I made a mistake early in the day when chatting with Barry. Anyone who has attended a workshop with Fer Juaristi will know that he is fond of saying 'look at my penis' while photographing the bride and groom to make them laugh and elicit a reaction. It's a way of putting people at their ease and catching them off guard. 

In order to take the large group photograph I stood on a table and Barry shouted 'look at my penis' in a Mexican accent. Everyone fell about laughing and I almost fell off the table!

I hope that you'll see Rachael and Barry's personalities shine through in many of the photos.

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