A wet and foggy engagement session on Newcastle Quayside with Michelle & Wayne

Michelle, Wayne and I met at Newcastle Quayside on a wet and foggy spring morning. Yes, there really was fog on the Tyne!

It was touch and go whether we would go ahead with the shoot, but fortunately there were enough gaps between the rain showers to get the photographs we wanted.

Although shooting in the rain can be a pain, it also offers opportunities. I love to use the puddles that form after rainfall; it's like someone has walked around the city sprinkling small mirrors everywhere. You can see how I used the standing water creatively in the opening and closing photographs of this set.

The light was grey and flat, and that's not ideal. I managed to inject some colour into the photographs by walking up off the Quayside and into the Ouseburn. I used the graffiti as a backdrop to add energy to the photographs and give them a slightly edgy feel. 

The other thing I like to do in flat light is convert my photographs to black and white. By looking out for different textures and contrasts it can make up for dull and un-directional light (is un-directional even a word?). 

The final photograph was a bit of fun with colour spreading, a technique combining multiple exposures and some photoshop trickery. Fortunately Michelle and Wayne were fun and laid back so I had the space and time to try something a little different.

Thanks for your patience guys, and for braving the inclement weather!

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