Harry & Stacie rock their alternative Newcastle engagement shoot with Doc Martins and graffiti

When I put a call out asking for newly engaged couples to experiment with an alternative couples shoot in the Ouseburn area of Newcastle I couldn't have gotten a more perfect couple than Harry and Stacie.

I knew the shoot would go well when they rocked up to the Quayside in Doc Martins, a leather jacket, a Harrington jacket and a nose ring.

They got it.

It was a rainy day, which kind of fit with the mood of the shoot I was going for. I knew that I'd be converting a lot of shots to gritty black and white, and that always works well on grey days. The wet weather also meant that we got to experiment with reflections in the puddles around the Quayside.

The shots in colour were going to be colourful! That was largely due to the graffiti all around the Ouseburn. In order to get there we had to navigate large patches of rubbish and lots of broken glass which naturally became part of the aesthetic of the shoot.

I also introduced some colour by trying out some colour spreading (done in Photoshop after the shoot) combined with multiple exposures (again in Photoshop during post production). I was pleased with the final image but not so impressed with the time I spent in front of the computer to achieve it. Having learned to photograph with film, I think that it is hardwired into my brain to get as much of the photograph in camera rather than after the shoot. I was frustrated at the multiple exposure options in my Fuji cameras which only allow two images to be combined and only one taken immediately after the other. 

Harry and Stacie were great sports and very patient as I played around with various shots and ideas, so thanks again!

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