Hire a wedding photographer you can trust

My camera shutter died during a wedding.

But it wasn’t a disaster.

Being a wedding photographer means being prepared and that means having a plan for dealing with the unexpected. I always take a backup camera to every wedding and I shot the rest of the wedding on that body without the couple noticing.

Fujifilm X-Pro2 shutter failure

Finishing that wedding wasn’t my only worry. I had multiple weddings coming up, the next one in just five days time, which didn’t leave me much time to repair my camera.

Again, I was prepared. In 2016 I switched from Canon cameras to Fujifilm mirrorless cameras. One of the factors in making the switch to Fujifilm in particular, rather than another camera manufacturer, was that Fujifilm technical support in the UK was good (not quite as good as Canon’s professional service, perhaps, but good enough). I tested this a couple of times when I had issues with my X-Pro2 and had the eyecup and sensor replaced under warranty.

In early 2017 Fujifilm launched their own professional service and I became a member. This guarantees a quick turnaround on repairs, a loan camera if my broken camera can’t be repaired in time, access highly skilled repair engineers, a discount on repairs and free health checks and sensor cleans every year. This gives me peace of mind that I will have the gear I need to photograph my weddings and perhaps most importantly it gives my clients peace of mind that I am a responsible professional and am capable of photographing their wedding come what may.

X-Pro2 shutter failure - you’d normally be able to see the sensor here

X-Pro2 shutter failure - you’d normally be able to see the sensor here

Fujifilm Professional Service UK were brilliant to deal with for my camera repair. I shot the wedding on the Sunday where the camera died. It was a bank holiday on the Monday so I spoke to FPS on the phone on Tuesday morning. I posted the camera to them later that day and they got it on the Wednesday. FPS posted out the camera later the same day and I had it back in my hands on Thursday, ready in plenty of time to shoot my next wedding on the Saturday.

I wrote a blog a few years ago entitled 4 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer, and while some of the information in there is now dated, the parts where I talk about why it is better to hire a professional rather than get uncle Bob to photograph your wedding is still highly relevant.

My experience with a dead shutter is a real world example.