Zoë and Ed's smart but informal Yorkshire farm wedding

It’s strange that after four years as a full time photographer with over 70 weddings photographed all over North East England and beyond, I still feel nerves on the way to a wedding.

I definitely had a case of the butterflies on the drive down to North Yorkshire for Zoë and Ed’s farm wedding. I questioned myself why?

I supposed that is was going to be a beautiful wedding on a farm with the ceremony in a remote church with idyllic scenery and it was my responsibility to reflect that in the photographs. Or perhaps it was because we had a well planned timeline with great ideas for specific shots that we were aiming for. None of that really made any sense, though, because I’ve done this dozens of times before.

I later realised, that I was levelling up in my photography. I was taking my photography in a new direction, not shooting just what was expected, but shooting more of what I felt. I also know now that Zoë and Ed were the perfect couple to start that change of direction and I was putting pressure on myself, and that was causing the nerves.

I needn’t have worried. Meeting Zoë and Ed, and their friends and family on the day was like arriving home for a big family party… smiles, laughter, the odd tear, and lots of love. Of course, it wasn’t my family and friends but it sure felt like it the minute I walked in.

Creating this blog a few months after the wedding allowed me to go back over the photos and see what I captured, what I created.

I see photos with true meaning; candid, fleeting, real moments. Moments full of emotion, feeling, colour or just plain fun. And of course we finished off the day with some glorious night portraits.

The rain and dark didn’t stop us getting some breathtaking bride and groom portraits

But enough about me!

Below are the questions I sent Zoë and Ed, and their replies. If you’re planning an amazing wedding like theirs, and want a photographer to capture that real emotion, tell the story of the whole day and do more than just take pictures, call me. I’d love to be a part of it.

You were fantastic and we have both said how happy we were we picked you :-)
— Zoë

What’s the story behind the two of you? How and where did you meet?

We met on Tinder when Ed was on a refresher course at Linton. I’d been on a Tinder date before which was terrible so didn’t hold out much hope for this one. I finished the horses and had just 15 mins to get ready which I then regretted all evening!!

I made more of an effort second time around ;-)

Can you tell me about how you proposed?

Ed hid a bottle of Prosecco up in the woods up above Over Silton where I love to go riding. He did this before Christmas and, to be fair, we were going on several dog walks that Christmas until Ed finally got round to it on 13th Jan...just before he flew off to America for 6 weeks.

It was a lovely moment, very chilled and we spent the evening at Crathorne Hall afterwards.

I photographed Zoë and Ed’s pre-wedding shoot in those very woods at sunset and you can see those photographs here.

Where was your wedding ceremony and why did you choose that location?

A very remote and beautiful Church in a field (no road to it) near Over Silton. I’ve always thought how idyllic it is and I see it all the time when riding. The venue was perfect - traditional, beautiful scenery and private.

The church at Over Silton is remote and beautiful - and has no electricity!

Where was your wedding reception and why there?

My mother’s farm nearby where we could have a beautiful marquee reception.

The marquee all set up for the start of the wedding day celebrations

Were you going for a certain theme or style with your wedding?

Very well thought out (!!), traditional styling, country garden, with a few unique touches...smart but informal if that’s a thing!!

Can you tell me about your wedding clothes, shoes and jewellery? Any advice you have for other couples looking for their perfect wedding day attire?

My dress was actually from a shop that has since closed so that won’t help! However, I think it’s important not to let the pressure get to you. There will be a dress out there for you so don’t let the ladies in some shops put any pressure on you.

Our wedding was planned in 7 months and the first shop I went to I was told that I had left it way too late to order a dress in and have alterations made. Some people also expect you to be loving the experience. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it but mum (who was the only person that came with me) is also realistic and not too heavy on undue compliments. If she didn’t like it she said (along with why) rather to the surprise of quite a few people on the shops!!

Also, go with your gut feeling. Some dresses looked nice but ultimately I knew they weren’t me so I wanted to hold out for “the one”. Ed wore his uniform for the service and then had a beautiful suit made by Humphrey & Tilly in Thirsk (for later on). It was an expense but equally he’s already worn it again and it’s nice to see him wearing it.

Zoë and Ed leaving the church just after their wedding ceremony

Zoë and Ed leaving the church just after their wedding ceremony

Who did your hair and what led you to the style you chose?

Becca Hunton did a lovely half up half down with natural curls and plenty of volume. I have lots of hear and love wearing it down but eqaully if it were all down I would have ended up playing with it so this hairstyle was perfect - a bit down but off my face.

What led you to choose the wedding cake you did?

We wanted a variety and not the old fashioned fruit cake. The semi naked cake appealed with its simplicity in terms of look and, on trying the flavours it was an obvious choice. We couldn’t recommend Gayle from Where The Ribbon Ends enough. The simple cake also enabled us to “go big” with bespoke figures made by Claire (Cake Fairy Company) which we also couldn’t have been happier with :-)

Zoë and Ed’s cake reflected their passions

Can you describe the photography part of the day?

I think that’s the beauty - Barry played a huge part but at the same time he didn’t disrupt anything. He also kept his agenda ticking along and made us aware of what he had originally said we needed to get so we were reminded and then decided if it was still important to get that shot. There’s so much going on that you need someone experienced doing the photography that just gets on with their job without disrupting anything.

What led you to choose me for your photography?

The style of photography was the first thing but after meeting Barry we also both liked how he came across. He seemed to get our sense of humour and personalities and work with us easily.

Zoë and Ed were joined on the dance floor by their friends and family following their first dance

Zoë and Ed were joined on the dance floor by their friends and family following their first dance

Can you tell me about your most memorable moment from the day?

Getting back to our hotel room and realising we were actually husband and wife. That or my mother telling everyone in her speech that I used to be a fat kid!

What is the most important piece of advice you could share with couples to be?

It’s your day - so make sure the day is a reflection of you and not an instagram overload.

If you had the chance to redo the whole thing again, what changes would you make?

I’d have cloned myself so I didn’t have to work so hard in the lead up to the day as I actually had a cold on the day and spent a lot of the day before in bed! However, we wouldn’t have changed anything about the day - it was perfect!


Wedding ceremony venue: Over Silton Church

Wedding reception venue: Oxbank farm

Wedding Dress: Wedding Belles & Beaus of York

Hair: Becca Hunton

Music: Discover via Alive Network

Wedding Cake: Where the ribbon ends

Cake Figures - Claire Taylor cakefairyco@yahoo.co.uk

Catering: The Muse Party Co - Sue Hodgson (main caterer). Evening: Proper Pizzas