A winter sunset pre-wedding session at Tynemouth, Newcastle

Angela and Dave joined me at Tynemouth Priory the coast just outside of Newcastle for their pre-wedding session. The air was crisp as the sun started to go down and we hoped for an interesting sunset.

Their bravery in venturing out on an engagement shoot on a North East winter’s day was rewarded by some lovely light and a dramatic sunset. Angela and Dave were a fun and relaxed couple, and I approached their session much like my others. It was a chance for us to get to know each other a bit before the wedding. They could see how I worked and how that translated into the finished photos.

I didn’t over pose the couple during the session. It was more like a laid back walk than a photo shoot. Instead, I asked them to stand in an area of nice light or good composition and let them do their own thing. I’d then take the photographs that would reflect their personalities. Angela and Dave could then use our pre-wedding session as good practice for the wedding, tweaking how we planned the day appropriately.

I did experiment with one new technique on this shoot. The individual portraits you’ll see are ‘bokeh’ panoramics. I took three photographs of Angela and Dave each looking straight at the camera with a wide aperture on my Fujifilm 56mm f1.2. The first shot was straight down the middle, followed by one to the right and another to the left. I merged them together in Lightroom later to produce a portrait with an extremely narrow depth of field. This mimics the type of look you’d get with a medium format camera.

My only instructions for them was to look directly at the camera and not smile.

I’m not sure if these type of portraits really fit with an otherwise fun and relaxed pre-wedding session, but it was fun to experiment!

Anyway, enjoy these photographs of the North Sea coast just outside of Newcastle and I’ll be following up soon with their full wedding on the blog.

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