Newcastle winter wedding at The Parlour Blagdon with Angela and Dave

We wanted the wedding at The Parlour at Blagdon to feel comfortable, welcoming and real. No pretention or falseness. Just us and our closest family and friends. Oh, and a shit load of fairy lights!
— Angela & Dave

Angela and Dave got some colour into their winter wedding at The Parlour at Blagdon in Newcastle with smoke bombs!

I’d struggle to describe Angela and Dave’s wedding better than they have in their own words below. The day included owls delivering wedding rings, fairy lights, fire pits and smoke bombs. Lots of smoke bombs!

I enjoyed photographing my first wedding at The Parlour at Blagdon immensely, which is a relief because I have two more weddings there in the next few months.

Take it away Angela and Dave…

What’s the story behind the two of you? How and where did you meet?

Dave and I met officially about 8 years ago, although we knew each other by sight for a few years before that. We went out for Christmas drinks and the rest, as they say is our history!

Can you tell me about how you proposed?

We decided to get married on a slightly 'prosecco enhanced' New Years Eve 2014 in North Northumberland. We were staying with my parents and popped to the local pub for a few drinks to see out the Old Year! We were outside watching th stars, having a drink, a laugh and chatting, when the talk turned to getting married. It was all very informal but funny and a lovely relaxed night. The question was not popped in the traditional way, more a mutual " eeeee should we?", "we should", "lets do it!", "it will be fun!"

Angela & Dave’s wedding was my first at The Parlour at Blagdon. It’s quickly become one of the most popular wedding venues in Newcastle.

Where was your wedding ceremony and why did you choose that location?

The Wedding Ceremony and Reception were held at The Parlour at Blagdon in Northumberland. We have known this venue since it first opened, even before it did weddings and we thought at the time it would be perfect for us. Fast forward 4 years and the place was just as magical as ever. We picked a date as near to our engagement date as was practical. We booked at the end of summer 2018, so only had 5 months to sort things out!

Were you going for a certain theme or style with your wedding?

Absolutely not! Haha. We had no clue where to start!

Generally, we wanted the wedding to feel comfortable, welcoming and real. No pretention or falseness. Just us and our closest family and friends. Oh, and a shit load of fairy lights! We had thought about having a tiny wedding at home so we wanted to keep that feeling of ensuring guests felt involved and part of the day, just as they would have been if they had come to our house!

Relating to the details, it all went a bit haywire! I ordered the wrong dress, my nephews ended up in a different suit to the one Dave chose, I had every metallic colour known to man etc. But, I made my own centrepieces, my own bouquet, all the buttonholes and as Dave is like a magpie, we had endless items in the loft, shed and garage which were repurposed for the decor!

It all came together really well, probably because we didnt get too upset about any of it! It just worked.

The Parlour at Blagdon was surprisingly light and airy on a dark January day in North East England.

The Parlour at Blagdon was surprisingly light and airy on a dark January day in North East England.

Tell me about your wedding clothes, shoes and jewellery. Any advice you have for other couples looking for their perfect wedding day attire?

We were recommended Master Debonair in Cleadon by a friend of the family. They have such an amazing, eclectic selection of clothing we thought it was going to be a bit overwhelming. Dave picked 2 suits, and chose the first one he tried on! It really was that simple! His son also had the same suit, although his take included the bowtie without the jacket.

My nephews chose a blue suit from the same place which complemented Daves suit well. My Dad and brother, being of a different build opted for a different blue suit from Slaters Menswear.

So, as I said before, I ordered the wrong dress! It is from Monsoon and they have 2 very similar styled ones, just with different overlays. I got muddled with the names and the one that arrived was not the one I expected! But, I tried it on a few times, started to love it so decided to keep it! With hindsight it was the better dress for me!

My shrug was from Oasis, but I picked it up on ebay! I do love a bargain! My shoes are from Rainbow Club at John Lewis, Hairband from Amanda Wyatt (Metrocentre) and my veil was ordered online and custom made by The Wedding Veil Shop in Blackpool. My earrings are from Swarowski and my beautiful bracelet was handmade by a good friend!

Who did your hair and what led you to the style you chose?

I did my hair myself. It is naturally curly and a total liability. I had 2 styles in mind in case it misbehaved but thankfully it did exactly what I needed it to do first time! I think i would have gone up in a blue flame if i got too near a naked flame though, I used that much hairspray! Dave says I have to say he used VO5 matty clay!!

Angela and Dave being showered with confetti following their wedding ceremony.

Who was your makeup artist and what were your instructions when booking - what were you after?

Make up was the same! I did it myself. I am hopeless so I took myself off to Charlotte Tilbury (Fenwicks) as a treat and had a few practice sessions and lessons so I had enough confidence to go it alone! I wanted to wear more than usual, I wanted it to be seen on the images but I still had to look like me!

Can you tell me about your flowers/bouquets?

I had always wanted to do my own flowers but realised getting fresh flowers on New Years Day might be difficult so we opted for silk instead. That way I still got to make them with plenty of time to spare. As the wedding was just after Christmas, the venue still had all their decorations up so we were very fortunate to be able to benefit from this! Fairy lights aplenty!

Angela’s silk flower bouquet

What led you to choose the wedding cake you did?

A multitalented friend I used to work with now runs Dinkys Cakes (Cramlington). Her designs are stunning and her cakes taste amazing! We never even looked elsewhere! We chose a cupcake tower with chocolate, lemon and vanilla cupcakes on. These gave us a beautiful display which we felt was more relaxed and informal than the usual wedding cake! Guests could help themselves once we had cut the first one!

Angela and Dave’s cupcake tower with owl toppers.

Can you describe the photography part of the day?

Honestly, Barry made us feel so comfortable. There was no stress and time constraints which helped the day flow, we were only away from our guests for about 15 minutes at most and that was for the smoke shots we had specifically asked for! Having a photographer there we trusted, allowed us not to worry about missing out on too much as were were sure he would have snapped those special moments we may have missed.

I am a self confessed pinterest addict, so we had already forwarded Barry 'the board' with image ideas on and he didnt fail to deliver! We felt if we had photos as keepsakes, they may as well be the kind of images that we want and that work with the venue and the guests! The results show us how delicate and discrete Barry was throughout the day and early evening capturing some truly memorable images for us.

What led you to choose me for your photography?

Simply put, we didnt want conventional. We googled words like quirky, adventurous, modern and alternative into a photographer search and there he was! We did chat to another photographer but the whole conversation was money, time, money, you need this, money, so we walked away from that. Dave then spoke to Barry on the phone and as the saying goes, Chalk and Cheese!

From that first chat, we just felt Barry got us and what we were trying to achieve, but he also knew we didnt like being in front of the camera! The engagement shoot was so worth it! We got over that initial cheesy giggle, curling up in a ball, turning away from the camera feeling and Barry captured some great shots which we were chuffed to bits with!

We knew then, without a doubt the wedding shots would be grand! Maybe that's why we felt so relaxed throughout the day!

Relaxed laid back wedding couple = great wedding photos!

Can you tell me about your most memorable moment from the day?

I dont have a stand alone memory as its all still so recent. Ask me again next year! I do remember an overwhelming feeling of 'its all done, everyone is here, there is nothing more to do' just before I walked down the aisle. This was a true happy sensation. Dave says his stand out memory is looking at me at the end of the aisle and feeling proud! Maybe we both felt the same thing?! The rest of the day was just that.


We had the most amazing time.

Can you tell me a little about your honeymoon?

We are going to Las Vegas in April to be at the wedding of Dave's daughter and her partner! This was already decided before we gave a honeymoon any thought! So we decided to take 2 weeks and see as much as we can while we are over there! Its really all about making memories and being with those you love! We will hopefully have a short week in the sun later in the year as a minimoon, just the 2 of us!

What is the most important piece of advice you could share with couples to be?

Be true to yourselves! Thats it in a nutshell. Its your day. Have those you love there, not those who you think should be there! And do what you want! We had firepits, we had sparklers, we had marshmallows, we had a Barn owl deliver the rings, we had cupcakes, we had Barry, we had a drone, we had smoke grenades, because thats what WE wanted!

Stay relaxed and just enjoy your amazing day x

If you had the chance to redo the whole thing again, what changes would you make?

We really dont think we would change anything about the day. We were both over the moon with how it turned out. Time goes so fast though. Maybe slowing down time would be the answer I would choose here! Just try to be in the moment, take time for yourselves here and there.

Make memories!


Wedding ceremony venue: The Parlour at Blagdon

Wedding Dress: Monsoon

Florist: Angela!

Hair & makeup: Angela!

Wedding Cake: Dinkys Cakes

Groomsmen attire: Master Debonair

Drone Services: Air-Frames