A wintery post wedding session at the Angel of the North with Noor and Callum

I photographed Noor and Callum’s wedding at The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland last year but I photographed their engagement session after the wedding.

Both Noor and Callum have hectic schedules and live outside of Newcastle, so trying to find a time to shoot when they were both free, and in the North East, while I was available was tricky. After pencilling in a few dates that we subsequently had to cancel we simply ran out of time to squeeze in the session before their wedding.

Undeterred we booked in a post-wedding session this January.

Our location was a new one to me - the Angel of the North in Gateshead. I remember when this sculpture was proposed. There was a lot of negativity and many people were against its distinctive design. Of course it’s now considered iconic and most Geordies view it as an integral part of our identity.

It’s visible on the A1 as I drive home from weddings in Yorkshire and I get the same swell of feeling for home that I do when I drive over the Tyne Bridge or pull in to the Central Station on a train.

It snowed heavily on the days leading up to the session which I was initially dismayed at, but I became more and more excited as the shoot grew nearer because I’d never had the opportunity to photograph a session in sub zero temperatures. Then the morning of the post wedding session arrived and the snow had melted, to leave behind muddy grass and flat grey skies.

Noor and Callum were troopers, though, braving the perishing cold for a trip around the base of the Angel. It’s a popular tourist destination so I had to carefully frame my shots and we had to pick our moments. We also had to negotiate all of the graffiti on the feet of the Angel which was a real shame.

With the session in the bag Callum headed off to the Newcastle United football match (we beat Cardiff 3-0) and I headed home for a giant cup of hot coffee!

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