How to use wedding fireworks for your Newcastle wedding

When you are looking to add a little extra something to your Newcastle wedding, fireworks can often provide the answer.

Fireworks can add some colour and drama to your Newcastle wedding (photo supplied by wedding

Wedding fireworks are great fun, and the beauty of them us you have many different options when it comes to how to use them.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know about wedding fireworks in the North East.

Choosing Between a DIY or Professional Display

The first thing you might be wondering is exactly how to include wedding fireworks in your big day. In general, you have two options for this.

  • You could go down the DIY route, buy your fireworks yourself, and get someone from the wedding party to set them off.

  • Alternatively, you could hire a professional display team to create a stunning show whenever you want during the wedding festivities.

Organising Your Grand Finale with a Fireworks Display

Fireworks are most commonly used in weddings as the grand finale at the end of the evening. You’ll want to save a big display to last, not least because the night sky tends to be darker and will therefore make the display look even better. If you’re planning a summer wedding and don’t want to be firing too late, then fireworks against the backdrop of the setting sun can be spectacular, too.

Wedding fireworks light up the North East sky (photo supplied by wedding

One great way to personalise your wedding fireworks display is to add music to your display. You can synchronise fireworks with music, adding your favourite songs and creating a story around the display. You can even have numbers and letters appear on the night sky.

Couples who want a unique way to end the wedding party sometimes leave the venue as the fireworks display bursts on the sky. It’s a wonderful way to leave the party without a drawn-out goodbye!

Include Individual Fireworks for Impact

You don’t have to have a massive wedding fireworks display to create something memorable.

Fireworks offer plenty of opportunities to add magic and wow-factor to your party. You could be introduced to the wedding guests at the reception with indoor pyro or sparklers surrounding you, for example.

Sparklers are great fireworks that can often used indoors. Many couples like to top the wedding cake with sparklers, or you could have them surrounding the dance floor, or you can opt for big sparklers outdoors!

A sparkler exit at Alex & Sam’s New Years Eve wedding at Le Petit Chateau just outside Newcastle

Some individual fireworks work well in many situations, especially if you have an outdoor wedding. You can pick low-noise fireworks to go off as you do the first dance – capturing this on film will add a lot of excitement to your wedding photos and video. When you’re introducing speakers, you could have a rocket or a fountain go off and add a bit of added excitement to the entertainment!

For something unique, smoke bombs are a great pick. Smoke bombs could set the scene for when you arrive or leave the reception. They add a lot of flair, fun, and atmosphere to your wedding photos, too!

Smoke bombs at Angela & Dave’s wedding at The Parlour in Blagdon, Northumberland

Practical Tips for Using Fireworks

These tips should give you an idea of the creative ways fireworks could be used at your wedding. You have lots of options and opportunities, while specialist fireworks retailers will always be willing to offer more advice and tips. If you go down the DIY route you can even be provided with a firing map and remote ignition kit to make it easy to do everything yourself.

You will need to check with the wedding venue to ensure that they allow fireworks. If they say ‘yes’, you can start planning how you want to use fireworks and figuring out the person who’ll be in charge of it all. If you are using a professional fireworks company, you can usually just put them in touch with your venue and allow them to take care of everything.

Wedding fireworks are a great way to add some extra character, playfulness, and atmosphere to your wedding party.

I hope the above ideas and tips will inspire you to make your wedding party even better!