A sunset pre-wedding session on the Northumberland coast with Fi and Adam

I love it when couples chose a meaningful location for their pre-wedding couples session, and that’s exactly what Fiona (Fi) and Adam did by taking me to Alnmouth Bay on the Northumberland Coast.

Fiona was originally from this small historical village, and her family still live there. It was while visiting her family that Fiona and Adam first heard of me. They were getting married in Stratford upon Avon where they now both live and asked if I’d be willing to travel.

Almost from the very start of my photography business I have included travel costs in my wedding packages. Although I am based in Newcastle upon Tyne, I never wanted to be pigeon-holed as a North East Wedding Photographer. I always wanted to be out and about exploring new places. I’ve now photographed weddings in the Lake District, Scotland, all over Yorkshire and of course Stratford upon Avon (I’m not long back from Fi and Adam’s wedding), as well as all the local venues in Durham, Newcastle and Northumberland.

The weather looked decidedly dodgy on the run up to our session, indeed I’d just previously had a similar session at Simonside Crags be cancelled due to rain and fog. I needn’t have worried. On the day there was fierce sunshine, and blue skies. In fact, the sunshine was too harsh, and we didn’t really have any tree cover, so I hard to work very hard to work around the light. Just check out that crazy sun flare later in the series!

I knew I’d need to up my game for Adam in particular as he is a talented photographer in his own right. You can see my varied approach in the photos as you go through. Sometimes I shot directly into the sun, backlighting Fi and Adam and getting those colourful sun flares. I even added a prism for more interesting reflections of light. At other times I took them into the shaded area of the dunes for more even flat light.

At the end of our walk around the estuary we found some trees in the form of cherry blossoms. They were in a kids playground, next to a row of houses and cars parked on the street, but we managed to work the angles to get some colour and add some variety to the final gallery.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with Fi and Adam’s wedding blog post. In the meantime enjoy their sunset pre-wedding session in Alnmouth Bay on the Northumberland coast.