Why have a wedding photographer at all?

I'd like to buy a Tesla car.

It's just a pipe dream at the moment because they are so expensive, but maybe by 2018 when the model 3 arrives my business will be in a place to support it.

Driving a technologically advanced car, that can also help save the environment, just does it for me. It's like Elon Musk has taken the rulebook for making cars and ripped it up.

I love disruptive business models - businesses that look at their market with new eyes and reinvent it from the ground up. Film versus digital. DSLR versus mirrorless. I believe that it is crucial to question the basics of your business and understand why you do what you do, not just blindly copy what everyone else is doing.

In that spirit, why have a wedding photographer at all?

One of the reasons, I think, is that the day goes so fast when you are the bride and groom. It happened at my own wedding. Once the ceremony got underway, I barely caught my breath and it was the first dance. I blinked and the day was gone.

As your wedding photographer I'll catch all the moments you'll miss. The laughter, the tears, and yes...even the bride's dad kissing the groom on the lips after the ceremony.

I love delivering all of the photographs to the couple a fortnight after the wedding day and them discovering moments like this for the first time.

The father of the bride kisses the groom at a wedding in Durham