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Ellie & James' DIY outdoor wedding in Northumberland

Ellie & James did their wedding, their way.

Outdoors in Northumberland, where it started raining in 1973 and has never stopped. DIY flowers, paper cranes. The bride's entrance accompanied by a sunglasses wearing ukulele player. A hand fasting ceremony. Relaxed. Laid back. 

This was a real documentary wedding for me with only a handful of group photos on the beach.

Oh, and did I mention that the bride and groom ended up in the sea?

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Ellie & James rock their pre-wedding shoot at Saltwell Park

Ellie and James are an ultra cool creative couple and I was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their DIY wedding on the Northumberland coast. I knew the wedding day would be a blast after we had such a fun, laid back time during this engagement shoot.

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Ellie & James wedding videography on the Northumberland Coast

I'd never worked alongside a drone services company until Ellie and James' wedding in Northumberland. The Daedalus Group is based in the North East of England and specialises in aerial filming and photography. They used some of my photographs in the video they made

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Honest, authentic and fresh wedding photography in Newcastle and Northumberland

Life doesn't unfold in a series of ordered, rational entirely understandable events. Neither does a wedding. 

My own photography is therefore not storytelling, but trying to convey mood and a range of emotions, and the sheer strangeness and craziness of any given wedding.

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Don't just slavishly follow tradition - Have your wedding YOUR way

I've been excited about this wedding since I met the couple and they told me their plans. The main reason is that they're arranging the wedding their way.

It's an outdoor wedding at Pot-A-Doodle-Do, which is a brave thing in itself here in the UK, where it's been raining since my sixth birthday. The wedding breakfast is a picnic where the guests bring all the food, and their flowers are made from the pages of old books.

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