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A forest hike engagement session using smokebombs with Jessica and Matthew

I'm always equally excited and nervous when I am photographing photographers. Jessica and Matthew are talented photographers in their own right, working at Jessica Holloway Photography, so I pulled out all the creative stops for their forest hike engagement session. We did Brenizer shots, used manual lenses, smoke bombs, prisms and even brought along the dog!

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A romantic sunset engagement shoot in Kielder Forest with Emily and John

Sometimes it's about picking a location that complements a couple and sometimes it's about picking a location that contrasts with a couple. Emily and John are a cool, creative couple into all things alternative, so driving out to Kielder Forest at sunset for an outdoors, romantic engagement couples session was a change of gears for them.

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An intimate forest hike engagement session with Hannah & Faraz

I met up with Hannah and Faraz at Chopwell Woods in Gateshead for our forest hike engagement shoot. They proved to be very easy to direct and were totally unfazed by public displays of affection, so the shoot became very intimate very quickly.

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Sarah & Billy's pre-wedding session at Kielder Forest and Water Park

Kielder Forest and Water Park is one of my favourite places to photograph a pre-wedding session. The terrain is so varied, from dense forest to open water, and the light is totally different from one hour to the next, that I feel like I could go there every week for the next 10 years and still not exhaust it's possibilities.

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A forest hike pre-wedding session with Alex & Sam

What could be better than photographing an adventurous couple at golden hour on a forest hike in Northumberland? 

Instead of a short trudge around the local park for our pre-wedding session, we drove up to Kielder Water and Forest just before sunset. We then set off on a hike through the woods, getting lost on purpose.

The light and scenery was stunning but the best thing about the session was getting to know Alexandria and Sam.

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