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An intimate winter wedding in Newcastle upon Tyne with Danika & Sebastian

Danika & Sebastian were married in Newcastle Register Office and then drove the short distance to the Malmaison on Newcastle Quayside for their reception. With only a ten minute drive from my door, weddings don't get any more local than this for me.

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Malmaison Newcastle wedding venue

The Newcastle Malmaison Hotel occupies a great position on the Quayside adjacent to the new Millennium Bridge and looking across the Tyne towards the Baltic and Sage on the Gateshead side.  The Malmaison Newcastle is a venue I know very well. Unusually for me, I came to know it as a customer rather than as a wedding photographer or wedding registrar. 

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An intimate wedding on Newcastle Quayside with Katy-Rose & Chris

As I made my way home I reflected on what made this wedding feel so good.

It wasn't the venue (although that was great), it wasn't the details or the dress (both were perfect), and it wasn't the weather (it could have been better, but it could have been a whole lot worse).

No, it was just that Katy-Rose and Chris were so obviously in love with each other, made for each other, and that that love shone through into every aspect of their wedding.

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